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Top Esports Tournaments to Watch in 2024: Must-See Events for Gamers

Overview of Esports in 2024

Growth and Popularity

Esports continues its rapid expansion, reaching an estimated global audience of over 500 million by 2024, according to Newzoo.

Viewership on streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube Gaming has seen a significant rise, peaking during major tournaments.

Prize pools for top-tier events, such as The International and the League of Legends World Championship, now exceed $40 million, drawing even more attention from sponsors and media.

Key Market Trends

The industry sees several emerging trends shaping its landscape. Franchising models, seen in leagues such as the Overwatch League, create more stable revenue streams and attract long-term investments.

Mobile esports gains traction, with games like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire leading the charge.

Moreover, integrations with blockchain technology introduce new ways for fans to engage with their favorite teams through NFTs and virtual collectibles.

Major Esports Games to Follow

People playing tournament esport

1. First-Person Shooters

First-person shooters (FPS) are among the most popular genres in esports. Titles like:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)
  • Call of Duty

Consistently draw massive audiences and offer substantial prize pools. For instance, CS: GO’s major tournaments, known as Majors, regularly feature prize pools of $1 million and attract top-tier professional teams from around the world.

Meanwhile, the Call of Duty League introduces franchised teams and city-based competitions, further enhancing viewer engagement.

2. MOBA Games

Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games remain a cornerstone of the esports scene such as:

  • League of Legends (LoL)  
  • Dota 2

Lead this category.

LoL’s annual World Championship is a premier event, offering viewership exceeding 100 million and prize pools typically over $2 million. Similarly, Dota 2’s The International boasts the largest prize pools in esports history, with the 2021 edition surpassing $40 million.

Such major events highlight MOBA games’ influence within the esports community.

3. Battle Royale

Battle Royale games have seen explosive growth in popularity such as:

  • PUBG Mobile, Fortnite
  • Apex Legends

dominate this genre. PUBG Mobile Global Championship offers prize pools around $3 million, making it a must-watch event for any esports enthusiast.

Fortnite’s World Cup also sets benchmarks with $30 million in total prizes, featuring unique in-game events and fan experiences.

Apex Legends tournaments, though newer, quickly gained traction, offering significant prize pools that attract both players and spectators worldwide.

Top Esports Tournaments to Watch in 2024

The International

The International is Dota 2’s premier annual tournament, organized by Valve. Known for its massive prize pool, it often exceeds $40 million, making it one of the most lucrative esports events.

In 2023, Team Spirit claimed the top prize, showcasing intense competition and strategic gameplay.

With millions of viewers tuning in globally, The International promises high-stakes action and serves as a pinnacle of competitive Dota 2.

League of Legends World Championship

The League of Legends World Championship represents the climax of the annual competitive season for Riot Games’ popular MOBA.

Teams from all over the world compete through regional promotions to secure a spot in this prestigious event.

In 2023, the championship boasted viewership numbers exceeding 100 million, demonstrating its global appeal.

Known for its electrifying matches and spectacular opening ceremonies, this tournament offers an immersive experience for fans of the game.

Fortnite World Cup

The Fortnite World Cup, organized by Epic Games, stands as a highlight in the esports calendar. Featuring solo and duo competitions, it attracts top players globally.

The prize pool for the 2023 tournament reached $30 million, underscoring the event’s significance.

Players demonstrate exceptional skill in build battles and tactical maneuvers, making the Fortnite World Cup a must-watch for enthusiasts.

Factors Influencing Esports Viewership

Streaming Platforms

Streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming significantly impact esports viewership.

Twitch boasts over 140 million monthly active users, making it a dominant player in live streaming.

YouTube Gaming offers a broad audience reach as it’s integrated with the main YouTube platform.

Facebook Gaming leverages its social media structure to engage users. Each platform provides unique features like chat interactions, subscriptions, and donations, fostering a sense of community and enhancing viewer retention.

Audience Engagement Strategies

Audience engagement strategies are crucial for boosting viewership. Esports organizations use social media campaigns, real-time interactions, and behind-the-scenes content.

For instance, tournaments often include live polls, Q&A sessions with pro players, and interactive overlays during streams.

Esports teams frequently host AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions on platforms like Reddit.

These strategies not only attract viewers but also keep them engaged throughout events.

How to Experience Esports Tournaments

Attending in Person

Attending esports tournaments in person offers a unique experience. Venues like the Staples Center in Los Angeles and the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin host major events.

Ticket prices vary depending on the tournament, with prices ranging from $50 to $300.

Purchasing tickets early increases the chances of getting the best seats.

Check the tournament’s official website for detailed venue information and ticket availability.

Be sure to plan for accommodation and transportation if you’re traveling from another city or country.

Some events partner with local hotels to offer discounted rates for attendees.

Additionally, public transport information and routes are usually provided on the event’s website, facilitating smoother travel.

Online Viewing Options

Online viewing options for esports tournaments are vast and accessible. Streaming platforms like:

  • Twitch
  • YouTube Gaming
  • Facebook Gaming broadcast tournaments live.

Subscribe to the channels hosting these tournaments to receive notifications and updates about start times and schedules. Many platforms offer HD streaming quality, enhancing the viewing experience.

For more interactive engagement, join platforms that provide chat rooms and in-stream features.

Following the official social media handles of the tournaments keeps you updated on match highlights, player interviews, and behind-the-scenes content.

Some streaming services also offer multilingual commentary, making it easier for non-English speakers to enjoy the event.

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